Marty Weintraub On Finding Your Facebook Marketing Demographic

By Justin Lafferty 

It’s common knowledge that for¬†success in Facebook marketing, you’ve got to reach out to your targeted demographic. But how do you find people within your demographic? Marketing guru and AimClear CEO Marty Weintraub, who has spoken all over the country, shared his views on growing your target demographic at the AllFacebook Marketing Conference, Thursday in San Francisco.

One of the first things Weintraub noted was that there’s no one set way to do Facebook marketing:

Facebook is like having a love/hate relationship with a miracle.

Weintraub said the main disconnect in advertising on Facebook is friends of friends. When you, as a page administrator, share content with fans, it’s often difficult to get them to spread the message to their friends. Facebook created a barrier, solving that problem with sponsored stories. Now pages can break through the second layer and market to people who are not in their circle through the sponsored story.

There are ways to get through to people outside of your fan base, and without relying solely on sponsored stories. Weintraub offered an example of a blog post that he wrote about General Motors pulling its Facebook ad campaign. He tagged pretty much everyone who could possibly be related to that story: people who work at a bevy of automobile companies, the ad agency that got fired by GM, ad agencies within his sphere of influence, journalists, reporters, editors, and many others. He pushed the story (and AimClear’s Facebook page) on LinkedIn and on his blog. Weintraub explained:

There are no stupid channels, only stupid marketers … We will unite and we will not be freaked out by any channels anymore.

Weintraub also had a novel, yet simple, way to connect with the people who might someday care about your brand. Find out what your demographic is talking about, and go to their page. Interact with those users in a friendly way. Weintraub even messaged a woman who posted a positive review on Zappos’ Facebook page, starting a friendly dialogue, and eventually she was promoting Weintraub’s posts. He elaborated:

The best way to make friends is to be friendly. Engage with people who post on brand pages.

Readers: If you manage a Facebook page for a business, what have been some techniques you’ve used to gain more interested fans?

Photo courtesy of AimClear.