Facebook Users Claim Malware Checkpoint Locked Their Accounts

By David Cohen 

The Malware Checkpoint Facebook launched Tuesday is running into some issues, with reports of users being locked out of their accounts.

The social network introduced the service that allows users to cleanse their systems by using Scan and Repair from McAfee or Security Essentials from Microsoft, both of which are also available via the Antivirus Marketplace Facebook launched in April.

But security firm CSO reported that Facebook users are complaining of being locked out of their accounts, citing the following two comments on the Facebook Security note introducing Malware Checkpoint:

Facebook is forcing me to run McAfee Scan and Repair to unlock my account. It freezes every time. I have spent hours trying to find a solution and/or an actual person from Facebook who can help me. Fat waste of time.

I just want to say this program SUCKS!!

There are also questions as to how effective Malware Checkpoint can be, with Tony Perez, chief operating officer at security firm Sucuri, telling CSO:

It’s probably, likely just scratching the surface.

Readers: Have you tried Facebook’s Malware Checkpoint, and have you experienced any issues?

Image courtesy of Shutterstock.