London Olympics Aim To Be Well ‘Liked’

By Justin Lafferty 

Advertisers won’t be the only ones asking you to log on and “like” something at the upcoming Summer Olympic Games in London. The Associated Press reports that the “like” symbols that are omnipresent throughout the Internet will be all over the Olympics, as well.

Organizers feel that the London Games will be the most “liked,” tweeted, and tagged in history. The 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver were the first Olympic event to heavily feature social media, but now that Facebook and Twitter are even more well-known around the world, hashtags and Facebook logos will play a major part of the scenery. The AP’s story notes that at the time of the previous Summer Olympics — Beijing 2008 — Facebook had about 100 million users. Today, that figure has increased nine-fold.

Olympics Spokesperson Jackie-Brock Doyle commented on the rising ease of social media use:

In Sydney (2000), there was hardly any fast Internet. In Athens (2004), there were hardly any smartphones. In Beijing, hardly anyone had social networks. That’s all changed. Here, everyone has all that and will be consuming the games in a different way.

Several companies have started gearing up their Facebook advertising campaigns as a way to reach out to younger Olympics viewers. However, not everyone will be able to post freely. Olympic organizers have placed heavy restrictions on what volunteers can share.

Some athletes already use social media to get their message out. On Wednesday, tennis star Maria Sharapova broke the news on her Facebook page that the Russian Olympic Committee chose her to be the country’s flag bearer for the opening ceremonies.

Readers: Do you plan to interact with athletes or companies throughout the Olympic Games using Facebook?