Instagram Engagement Slump Continues (Report)

By David Cohen Comment


The engagement rate for posts by brands on Instagram continued to slide in February, as did growth in followers for accounts studied by social analytics and reporting company Locowise.

Locowise shared its findings in a blog post, including:

  • February follower growth of 0.2 percent was down 45.95 percent compared with January and marked the lowest figure since Locowise began studying Instagram performance in April 2015. Overall follower growth has fallen 92.86 percent during that time period.
  • Despite the continued slump, Instagram’s follower growth outpaced those of Facebook (0.14 percent likes growth) and Twitter (0.11 percent follower growth) in February.
  • The engagement rate for Instagram posts was 0.84 percent of the total audience in February, down 11.58 percent from the previous month and also setting a low mark since April 2015. Locowise said engagement has plummeted 70 percent since April 2015.
  • Images represented 91.07 percent of all posts, engaging 0.88 percent of their total audience, while that figure was 0.53 percent for videos. Locowise said posting images rather than video resulted in a 66.04 percent boost in engagement.


Locowise also examined reasons for the slump in its blog post:

What has caused this continuous decrease in engagement on the platform? These are several reasons:

  • More brands and other users are getting onto the platform. They’re also posting more often. This creates a lot more noise.
  • Instagram has ramped up its advertising business over the past few months. This adds even more noise.
  • A typical Instagram user now follows more accounts. This means that there’s more content in their feed. It makes them miss out on a lot of stuff. Reports say that an average user now follows 400 to 500 accounts. The number has increased from approximately 250 one year ago. This has led to the decrease in organic reach and engagement. Many brands are expecting and hoping for an algorithmic timeline to be introduced soon. UPDATE: As announced Tuesday, Locowise was right about the algorithm.

Readers: What did you think of Locowise’s Instagram findings for February 2016?