LinkedIn Releases Company, Jobs APIs for Developers

By David Cohen Comment

LinkedIn announced the launch of a new set of application-program interfaces that will give app developers access to its Company and Jobs content.

The professional networking site said the Company APIs will allow developers to let their apps’ users fetch company-related content, search across companies, view products and recommendations, follow companies, and receive personalized suggestions on which companies to follow.

The Jobs APIs will offer detailed job content, the ability to search across jobs, bookmarking jobs to users’ LinkedIn accounts, and personalized job suggestions.

The new APIs are available in both JavaScript and REST.

Madhu Gupta of LinkedIn’s platform-product-management team wrote on the LinkedIn Blog:

Today, we’re launching a set of powerful APIs to access the rich information about Companies and Jobs on LinkedIn. This will help developers bring company content and job opportunities to our members, wherever they want to see them.

LinkedIn’s company pages contain rich profile and product data for more than 2 million small and large businesses. Imagine an email application allowing you to look up the company that the sender works for, with a rich display of company information, further linking to people who you know at that company. Think of an innovative mobile app that enables you to search across company profiles by industry, location, size, and more.

Jobs on LinkedIn provide opportunities for professionals to take a step on their career ladder. The new Jobs APIs enable LinkedIn Job postings to reach desktop apps, websites, and career pages. Now every company’s career site can feature their LinkedIn jobs and enable users to search by location, job function, industry, and, most important, access their relationship to the company employees and hiring manager through our professional graph.