Link Encoding Goes Mobile With Deep Links From Bitly

By Kimberlee Morrison Comment


As the market for apps gets more saturated, tracking impressions across platforms becomes harder. Companies like Facebook and Google have been competing to bring the best solution for tracking deeplinks. This week, Bitly announced its own linking encoding answer to the deeplink challenge.

Deep Links from Bitly is a new part of the company’s Brand Tools product which aims to streamline the mobile user experience. The links will be able to transition users directly between apps without needing to stop off in a browser along the way. The links can also be used to prompt users to install apps, if they do not have the apps necessary to follow the links.

According to Bitly CEO Mark Josephson, Deep Links is designed to help marketers and publishers “maximize the value of mobile audiences.”

App audiences are incredibly valuable, but there isn’t a comprehensive solution for marketers and publishers to drive their users deep into their apps. [Bitly] already work[s] with the largest brands and publishers in the world to make their links more powerful.

This is the first new feature since bringing on CPO Matt Thomson and further implementation of the company’s vision to deliver useful and functional experience for consumers. Providing users with a fast and clean experience, enables marketers to take advantage of opportunities that may have been too cumbersome to implement before.

Thomson said in a statement:

Marketers know mobile app audiences are more loyal and often more valuable. With Deep Links from Bitly, we’re giving marketers the tools they need to improve content consumption by getting their users to the place they want to go quicker and easier.

Indeed, handing marketers the ability to drive content in a much more targeted and streamlined way could easily make Bitly’s deep links solution one of the top solutions in the market.