Liberal Organizations, Protesting Zuck’s Lobbying Efforts, Pull Ads From Facebook

By Cameron Scott 

social media, social networksMajor liberal groups have pulled their ad campaigns from Facebook to protest CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s lobbying efforts on behalf of immigration reform.

The groups, which include the Sierra Club, CREDO, the Daily Kos and former senator Russ Feingold’s Progressive United, were angered by ads placed by Zuckerberg’s newly founded lobbying group,, on behalf of swing-voting legislators. agreed to place ads related to issues other than immigration to secure more votes for the immigration overhaul that most tech companies support because it would allow them to hire more foreign workers. Some of the ad campaigns were conservative in nature, including those supporting drilling in the Arctic and construction of a controversial Keystone XL pipeline.

“Leaders in the technology community have every right to talk about how immigration reform will benefit their businesses. But instead, has chosen a strategy that’s condescending to voters and counterproductive to the cause of reform,” Feingold said in a statement.

CREDO previously attempted to run an ad criticizing on Facebook, but the company rejected the ad because it featured an image of Zuckerberg, which it said was part of its brand.

The ad boycott is amplified by — you guessed it — a Facebook page.