Why You Should Target Customers Through Facebook Ads

By Guest Writer 

Everybody markets their businesses through various mediums and, after careful research, in order to reach their goals. Marketers start with Web optimization, Google ads (pay-per-click), sponsor ads, Facebook ads, etc., depending on their needs and budgets. But how effective is advertising through Facebook?

According to a recent study by Vizu/Digiday via eMarketer, 64 percent of U.S. advertisers planned to increase their social media and ad budgets in 2013. Startups and small businesses should focus on what they are actually trying to achieve and determine whether PPC or Facebook ads will work better to fulfill their needs.

Let’s start with why you spend on Facebook ads and how it can help you reach customers.

Facebook has more than 1 billion registered users and 618 million daily active users, with those totals continuing to grow. If you sponsor a page or posts and target your ads to a specific audience, you can actually:

  • Grow your Facebook audience.
  • Increase traffic.
  • Boost visibility in the market.
  • Generate leads.

Growing Your Facebook Audience

Facebook ads are the most effective way to grow your Facebook fans quickly. Those ads reach the related audience that is directly or maybe indirectly related to your product or service.

You can also run Facebook ads specially to grow audience, as well, for better engagement on future posts.

Select the “Get More Page Likes” option, then write your text ads (which could attract more visitors to view and like your page) and choose your audience (location, age, gender, broad categories, precise interests, connections, and friends of connections). This will optimize the ad to grow your Facebook fan base.

Increase Traffic

Facebook holds a huge traffic base that could be transferred to your website through the right promotions and result in increasing your traffic, subscribers, potential customers, and more.

Here are the Google Analytics results from a case study of the educational space, written by John Rampton.

Image source

Visibility In The Market

Every time your customers log on to Facebook, they will see your ad on the top-right part of the screen, or as sponsored posts in the News Feed. This will not only increase your market share, but people will also start recognizing your brand. How good is that? If a person likes your page, that activity will show to all of their friends. When a person searches for a product that you offer and finds that a friend already likes your brand, it could increase the brand’s trust and lead to more interest.

Generate Leads

Earlier this year, Facebook launched tracking pixels to track users’ behavior for better page-performance management.

You can start with a low budget to test users’ engagement, traffic, and leads generated through those ads, and then change the headline, image, and text accordingly for better impressions.

These ads can result in increased likes, engagement, and subscribers — which will ultimately generate more leads for the business.

Kumail Hemani is a search-engine-optimization consultant with Invortex Technologies. He shares his experience and knowledge through blogging on popular SEO blogs and his own blog. You can follow him on Twitter and read more about him here.