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Non-Facebook Causes Site May Cause Confusion

It seems like everybody is getting active these days -- well, socially active, at least. So it follows that depending on your political viewpoint or social leanings, you might be supporting a lot of different causes from social sites like Facebook. And if you aren’t supporting any causes on Facebook yet, you’ll likely be surprised to know that you have more than one option to do so, and it’s kind of confusing to sort out, so I’ve done the work for you.

Comparing the Deep-Linking Strategies of Google, Apple and Facebook

Better communication between applications will improve the mobile experience. In the past several months, Google, Apple and Facebook have announced deep-linking initiatives that vary based on company goals. In this article we’ll discuss the motivations behind them and a brief technical overview of each solution.

4 Reasons Why Facebook’s New Buy Button Is a Win for Marketers

Last week, Facebook announced that it is testing a new buy button feature, enabling businesses to sell products directly on the social network. The button -- available on desktop and mobile ads and page posts -- is currently limited to a few small and midsized businesses in the U.S.

Facebook Should Listen To Social Fixer When It Comes To New Features

If you’re on Facebook a lot, you’ve likely discovered Social Fixer and its myriad options to take control of your News Feed. If not, you should check it out after reading this post, because beyond offering a suite of nifty (and necessary) options to organize your stream, its creator, Matt Kruse, posts some great social insight on his blog.

A.1. Proves That Clever Posts Work On Facebook

If you think the only way to win on Facebook is by mastering cat memes, you’re wrong. Although many believe writing is a dead art online (thanks to content mills), at least one company is proving that misguided mentality wrong with an advertising campaign that hinges on clever, creative copy: A.1. Original Sauce.

Beware Facebook EdgeRank Scammers

As you know, Facebook is slowly killing organic reach for brands, so you’ll either need to pay to advertise there in the near future or get really, really good at sorting out its ever-changing EdgeRank algorithm.

7 Tips For Selling Digital Products On Facebook

Every day, millions of people around the world spend countless hours socializing with friends and connecting with their favorite brands on Facebook. With more than 1.28 billion monthly active users, it’s the world’s most vibrant and engaging social media website. As a result, it is equally attractive for entrepreneurs and brands around the world that are looking to find different ways of connecting with their target audiences. Similarly, "solopreneurs," freelancers, and creative professionals have also found Facebook very effective in helping them expand their fan bases and sell more products.

App Links: Facebook’s Proposal For Routing Traffic Between Apps Explained

Two weeks ago, Facebook announced App Links, a proposed standard for routing traffic between mobile applications. If the app developer community adopts the App Links standard, there will finally be a cross-platform standard for linking between apps. It will also help drive significant new revenue for Facebook’s ad products.

Facebook Has Got Some Great Moves

Consider a very simple smartphone application that will record your daily fitness activities. The app will measure how many steps you've walked every day, or how many minutes you walked, ran, drove, or rode, and it will tell you the distance you traveled every day, and even how many calories were burned in any activities you did.

Is Your Facebook Fan Acquisition Impacting Sales?

As social media solidifies itself as a standard channel, marketers are increasingly expected to prove return on investment. For instance, whether the consumer purchase funnel for your product or service is linear or calls for a more complex conversion path, your chief financial officer is probably looking to you to show the impact your Facebook activity is having on sales.