Kiip’s New Mobile App Promises ‘A Pocket Full of Rewards’

By Devon Glenn 

Kiip has released a new app offering consumers tangible rewards like bottles of water and gift cards to Starbucks for playing games and using other apps on their smartphones.

Eschewing traditional banner ads, Kiip-enabled apps dispense vouchers for freebies that users can redeem when they’re done playing.  The system rewards “everyday achievements” like running miles, reaching new levels on games, or sharing photo albums.

In a nutshell, the new app puts all these rewards in one place for easy browsing. Every reward that pops up during the course of a game or other activity is automatically stored in the app. Right now there are $5 gift certificates from Starbucks, $5 toward clothing from American Apparel, and other rewards from 4o advertising partners including, Best Buy, Disney, Verizon Wireless, Procter and Gamble, Dr Pepper, PepsiCo, Popchips, Sony Music and Wrigley.

To earn more rewards, customers can choose from more than 400 apps within the Kiip network, like Kira Games’ “Unblock Me,” Playforge’s “Zombie Farm” and Get Set Games’ “Mega Jump,” as well as fitness apps like “LoloFit.”

The company started out as a white-label service when it first launched in 2010.  Kiip founder and CEO Brian Wong was motivated to revamp the brand when loyal users started creating lists of Kiip-enabled apps on their own.

Back then, Kiip’s website was simply a place for developers to download a software development kit (SDK) to use the platform. It was a testament to the service that the consumers did the math themselves, said Wong, because most people would be thinking, “What the hell is an SDK and why do I need that?”

“The challenge,” he realized, “is to tell the acquired users who we really are.” Added Wong, “People don’t understand what it means to have rewards in their app until they see it.” Among repeat customers, he said, the  redemption rate for the rewards goes up to 50 percent.

Less than a month after raising $11 million to build out the platform, Kiip has relaunched as a consumer-friendly app for iOS (coming soon) and Android, which Wong said “We lovingly refer to internally as ‘Kiipsake.'” On the website, there are now big buttons showing people where to download Kiip on iTunes and Google Play.

Check out a preview of the app in this video guest-starring MC Hammer.

Kiip – Everyday Victories from kiip on Vimeo.