Kenshoo Social: Companies Are Beefing Up Facebook Ad Budgets

By Justin Lafferty 

Whether or not Facebook is a long-term viable ad platform is one of the biggest questions Co-Founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg has been trying to answer. Kenshoo Social has some good news for Zuck: Throughout the first half of 2012, marketers’ Facebook ad budgets have increased 36 percent.

Kenshoo Social, a digital marketing software firm, released statistics that show how marketers have been putting more faith in the social network recently. Here’s a graph illustrating money spent on Facebook marketing versus money spent on paid search advertising:

Kenshoo Chief Marketing Officer Aaron Goldman discussed his company’s findings with AllFacebook:

It used to be that if you were an entertainment company and you had a movie coming out, TV was your vehicle. Now people are realizing that Facebook has a lot of richer opportunities and I can do things there that I can’t do in other places.

Goldman also talked about how Facebook and search aren’t exactly an either/or proposition for marketers — the two avenues can work together. He noted that many times, people see something on Facebook that piques their interest and they’re motivated to learn more by heading to a search engine. That way, marketers can spend money on Facebook and search engines and capture their targeted demographic.

To determine these findings, Kenshoo looked at aggregate data across its client base, including more than 120 billion global Facebook Marketplace ad impressions. Kenshoo noted that the clients are from all over the world and come from a wide array of industries, such as telecommunications, retail, entertainment, automotive, and finance. They got search marketing numbers from Kenshoo Enterprise and Kenshoo Local clients who pay for ad impressions on Google, Bing, Yahoo, AOL, and more.

Readers: If you are a marketer, where do you put most of your trust — Facebook or search engines?