How Does Facebook Advertising Impact Paid Search Marketing Results?

By David Cohen 

KenshooSearchSocial650How does advertising on Facebook impact the paid search marketing performances of brands? Significantly and positively, according to an analysis of a 2,500-plus-store retailer by Kenshoo, a Facebook Preferred Marketing Developer.

Kenshoo analyzed the retailer’s search results in which certain segments of its target audience in the U.S. were exposed to only paid search, while others were exposed to paid search and Facebook advertising. Here’s what it found:

  • The audience segments that were exposed to both search and Facebook generated a return on ad spend 30 percent higher than the search-only group.
  • The average order value was 24 percent higher for the search and Facebook group.
  • Click-through rates were 7 percent higher for the search and Facebook group.
  • The cost per acquisition for the combined group was 4.5 percent lower than the CPA for the search-only group.

Facebook Attribution Measurement Manager Rob Creekmore said in a release announcing the results of Kenshoo’s study:

This research shows how Facebook acts as a discovery platform to increase performance on paid search metrics. A 30 percent increase in return on ad spend is something marketers will find exciting. It’s clear from this research that pairing Facebook marketing with paid search marketing leads to customers who are primed to open up their wallets and spend more.

Kenshoo Director of Marketing Research Josh Dreller added:

Kenshoo’s strong track record in search and leadership position in social led us to pioneer this research with Facebook. The findings can help advertisers better capitalize on what have become the two most important digital marketing channels by discovering their best customers through search intent and continuing the conversation through social interaction. This study is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of actionable insights we can provide marketers to optimize performance across channels, and we look forward to partnering with Facebook on future research.

Readers: What did you think of Kenshoo’s findings?