Kenshoo Intent-Driven Audiences Ties Together Search-Engine Ads, Facebook Targeting

By David Cohen 

KenshooIntentDrivenAudiences650A Facebook Strategic Preferred Marketing Developer took a giant step forward in tying search-engine ads and targeted audiences on Facebook together, as Kenshoo announced the beta release of its Intent-Driven Audiences solution.

Kenshoo said its IDA offering matches clicks on search-engine ads with Facebook audiences in real-time, allowing marketers to serve ads to Facebook users who have searched for specific keywords, as well as to use the social network’s targeting features to discover similar potential customers.

IDA offers marketers access to Facebook’s entire ad inventory, including its mobile products, as well as to the social network’s filtering capabilities, and Kenshoo said this results in lower cost per click and higher return on investment on Facebook ads, as well as improved search-engine-marketing campaigns.

According to Kenshoo, a multimonth test for a national retailer delivered ROI up to 110 percent higher than analogous SEM campaigns, and CPC 66 percent lower, as well as boosting its SEM campaign conversion rate by 19 percent and paid search revenue by 22 percent.

Facebook Vice President of Global Partnerships Blake Chandlee said in a release announcing the beta of Kenshoo IDA:

Facebook’s custom audiences targeting capabilities allow marketers to reach the people that matter most to them — their loyal customers. Kenshoo’s Intent-Driven Audiences allows advertisers to bridge audiences across marketing channels by bringing together consumer intent signals from search campaigns and Facebook’s custom audiences targeting capabilities to drive better results for their marketing efforts.

Kenshoo Senior VP of Product Will Martin-Gill added:

At Kenshoo, we’re committed to pushing the boundaries of math and technology to create meaningful solutions for our clients. Our solutions enabling advertisers to target customers using the most relevant data from their performance marketing channels are great examples of this innovation. Intent-Driven Audiences is another key piece to the puzzle that allows advertisers to move beyond keyword and interest targeting to reach highly valuable audiences, and the performance improvements we’re seeing are substantial.