Mirror on the Facebook Wall, Where is Julia Roberts?

By Devon Glenn 

If you want to find out what actress Julia Roberts is up to, don’t try to find her on Facebook. Last night the “Mirror Mirror” star told “Access Hollywood” that when it comes to social media, “ignorance is bliss.”

“I don’t even know what a Facebook page looks like,” Roberts admitted. “I think twittering is when Danny [Moder, her husband] comes home from work and I…[covers mouth, giggles].”

Specifically, Roberts took issue with anonymous haters who “are sitting in the dim light of their rooms in their tattered underwear and a dirty robe going, ‘who does she think she is’?”

When “Access Hollywood”‘s Billy Bush and Kit Hoover asked Roberts what the policy would be for her three children the star replied, “If you have something to say to someone, go to their house and tell them.”

Roberts plays the wicked queen in a new adaptation of the Snow White story directed by Tarsem Singh. If we had a dollar for every person who heeded her advice on using social media, we wouldn’t even have enough money to buy a ticket to see it.