Facebook Director Of Engineering Jocelyn Goldfein: ‘We’re Not Done With Home’

By David Cohen 

NewHomeLockScreen650Despite the lukewarm reception it has received, Home, Facebook’s Android overlay, is not headed for the scrap heap, Director of Engineering Jocelyn Goldfein told VentureBeat during an expansive interview.

Goldfein said on the topic of Home:

Facebook Home is a really wonderful experience, but I think we’re still perfecting that, getting the right traction for that. It shows what’s possible when you deeply integrate into a platform in a way that you can’t necessarily do on iOS.

We’re learning a lot. We’re still very bullish on Home. We’re not done with Home. I think part of the problem is launching with such fanfare at (version) 1.0. No startup launching at 1.0 would get that much coverage.

I think it takes time when you’re building something genuinely new and disruptive … it takes time to get it right. I think we did a really good job with the polish, which is part of why I think it got such almost fawning coverage at the outset. But I don’t know that we made it valuable to users from the outset.

In my experience — I’ve been a startup founder and worked on many 1.0 products in my career — 1.0 is the product where you are searching for that value proposition. We’re patient; we’re prepared to give it time. We’re believers in Home; we believe it’s going to be valuable for users. But it’s on us to cause that to happen.

But it’s not like we just need to market it better, or distribute it better. We actually are consciously not trying to do those things until we feel like we’ve really built something that’s really valuable.

Goldfein addressed several other subjects with VentureBeat, including the beginning of the social network’s transition to a mobile company, of which she said:

I think it’s pretty well documented that we were not very good at mobile — terrible, in fact … We had to learn, (and we were) definitely under the microscope.

Readers: Have you ever used Home?