[Update] Jay-Z Creates a New Lifestyle Site… But It’s Not a Tumblr!

By Kenna McHugh Comment

[Update: While our sources reported that this site was in fact powered by Tumblr, a little digging by our readers has revealed that this is incorrect.  We’ve updated the article and sorry for the confusion on this one.]

Jay-Z (a.k.a. Shawn Corey Carter) added editorial director to his resume of talents by creating a life style site called Life + Times. We are familiar with the rapper’s clothing line and for being a savvy businessman. So, It’s about time Jay-Z started a web site. Don’t you think?

The rapper launched his new site through his company SC Enterprises. The site will focus on a broad spectrum of topics such as music, fashion, technology and sports. An idea that was dreamt up about year ago, the Life + Times web site is contingent on Jay-Z’s interests while he works with a small staff to produce each piece of content.

I tried to check out the site, but it never appeared on my screen, probably, because everyone is checking out Jay-Z’s new site. It will be jammed up for awhile until the hoopla quiets down. From reports, the content is synchronized in an exceedingly visual fashion, reminiscent of music discovery iPad app, Aweditorium (which was created by the same folks behind TheSixtyOne). When you visit the site, you click on one of the individual pictured tiles to reveal stories, videos and galleries. The stories are straight forward and designed with the semblance of a magazine.

So far, it appears that his site is hot enough for anyone to visit regularly. I suggest you take a look, and I hope you can access it despite all the heavy traffic.

[Editor’s Update: The funniest part of this whole confusion is that “lifeandtimes.org” points to the tumblr for the Site Editor of GigaOM’s Video Vertical, and the guy got a ton of new followers and had to write a quick post explaining how he’s not Jay-Z.]