Is Worst Person In The World's Facebook Profile Fake?

By Jackie Cohen Comment

When public opinion turns against you, that’s probably a good time to make your Facebook profile private — or at the very least, hide your wall and delete posts saying that a cable newscaster has called you the “worst person in the world.”

Hermon Raju, who proclaimed herself to be highly educated while berating a subway conductor in New York City, continues to show her face to the world on Facebook — but several people have posted on her wall that they believe the profile is fake.

Raju appears to have a channel on YouTube with a video showing her altercation with the train conductor — we’ve embedded a copy of it beneath this post — although it’s possible that someone other than her posted the footage.

And while Current TV’s Keith Olbermann — not CNN’s Anderson Cooper as one commenter erroneously posted on Raju’s page — said that a public LinkedIn profile boasted about her communication skills, she appears to have pulled or hidden the profile.

That makes it all the more likely that the Facebook profile bearing her name could be fake.

Readers, do you think it’s real or created by someone else? And while we’re at it, what lessons can we take from the video of Raju that’s becoming so viral on social media?