Is Mashable Turning Itself Into A Social Network With Mashable Follow?

By David Cohen Comment

Mashable bills itself as “The Social Media Guide,” so its launch Thursday of social layer Mashable Follow is a logical step.   Here are some details of the public launch, and we’ll have more soon as Social Times gets an exclusive interview with Pete Cashmore, the founder of Mashable.

Mashable Follow will allow users to: log in using Twitter or Facebook credentials and import contacts from those respective social networks; follow and unfollow topics, with followed content appearing under a My Stories tab; share content to Facebook, Twitter, Google Buzz, and Digg via a single click; create profile pages to promote social media accounts and connect with other Mashable readers; and earn badges for activities including sharing stories, connecting with other Mashable users, commenting on articles, and following topics.

Founder and CEO Pete Cashmore said:

Mashable Follow is the natural extension of social media within the news experience. As our readers are at the forefront of social media trends, we think they’ll embrace the opportunity to share news they’re following on one convenient Mashable platform, and with a single click.