‘Iron Man 3’ Lit Up Facebook During Super Bowl Blackout

By Justin Lafferty 

After the lights went out in the Superdome during Super Bowl XLVII, Facebook users flocked to the page for blockbuster movie Iron Man 3, which was the first ad shown after the blackout. According to new statistics from Facebook analytics and advertising company Optimal, Iron Man 3 showed the highest fan growth of any Super Bowl advertiser.

Here’s the graph showing different prominent Super Bowl advertisers’ Facebook fan activity during the game (as well as the halftime show and blackout):

You have to click the image to really see the difference. Iron Man 3 (in orange) spiked up right after the blackout happened. The first commercial CBS aired after the blackout was one promoting the latest in the Iron Man series. The movie’s Facebook page included an extended trailer.

While Iron Man‘s main U.S. fan base on Facebook tends to be younger comic-book and action movie fans, surprisingly ┬ámore than 57 percent of those who shared the extended trailer on Facebook were women with an average age of 33. Optimal notes that this demographic is seven times less likely to already be fans of the Iron Man franchise.

Want to see how the other Super Bowl ads influenced Facebook fan activity? Play around with the minute-by-minute data at Optimal.

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