Interest in Social Networks Waning, Study Finds

By Cameron Scott 

social networks, social media, facebook, twitter, yelp, google plusResults of a survey released today support the increasingly credible hypothesis that users are growing tired of social networks.

Users appear to be losing interest in social networks as participating in them becomes mandatory, rather than purely recreational, according to a study conducted by E-Poll Market Research, a consumer research company that serves media, entertainment and Fortune 1,000 companies.

“While awareness and usage of social media sites is extremely high, the allure of using these sites is starting to wear thin with consumers,” the study concluded.

‚ÄúDuring the past five years, the role of social media has shifted from a leisure activity to an integral and, at times, mandatory, part of our lives. Despite this, consumers continue to place the majority of their trust in traditional media brands and advertisers should consider the environment in which they choose to put their dollars,” said Gerry Philpott, president of E-Poll Market Research.

Surprisingly, respondents found found traditional broadcast, cable and print media brands more than twice as trustworthy as social media brands.

Eighty-five percent of those surveyed were aware of Facebook, but just half said it was appealing. Google+ had 58 percent awareness, with 45 percent describing it as appealing. Three-quarters knew of Twitter, but just 18 percent said it was appealing.

Yelp seemed to have the most upside, with just 25 percent brand awareness and a 51 percent appealing rating. The survey said its combination of low awareness, high appeal and strong user numbers indicated a preference for social media sites providing on-demand information as opposed to primarily interaction with others.

E-Score surveyed 1,100 persons with across income, age, education and geographic demographics.