Instagram Spotlight Compilations to Shine More Frequently

By David Cohen Comment


Instagram launched curated content streams called Spotlight Compilations this past Halloween, and the Facebook-owned photo- and video-sharing network appears to be firing up more of them.

Josh Constine of TechCrunch reported that the Instagram community team began “spontaneously coming up with themes” this week, rather than using the feature exclusively for holidays, adding that they are now showing up daily in the application’s “immersive video player.”

Spotlight Compilations spotted in the wild, according to TechCrunch, include “Dynamic Duos–Odd Couple Animal Videos” and “Ramped Up–Rad Skateboarding Videos.”

Instagram communications manager Gabe Madway told Constine:

(Spotlight Compilations are) where you go to discover things you don’t follow but might end up following–things you never expected to see.

Every piece of content there has attribution. That is something we hope will spread the word about the talented people who use the platform.

And that attribution is what differentiates Instagram’s Spotlight Compilations from a similar feature on Snapchat, Live Stories, as Constine pointed out that the sources of content used within that offering are not revealed to Snapchat users.

Readers: Have you come across any Spotlight Compilations on Instagram? What are your thoughts?

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Screenshots of “Dynamic Duos” Spotlight Compilation courtesy of TechCrunch.