Instagram Sends Reminder Email To Users About Jan. 19 Privacy Policy Changes

By David Cohen 

Perhaps learning from mistakes of the recent past, Facebook-owned photo-sharing application Instagram sent a reminder email to its users this week about changes to its privacy policy, which take effect Jan. 19.

Instagram faced a firestorm of criticism after its unclear announcement about rights to users’ photos and likenesses, which made it sound like the app would sell users’ photos, when, in actuality, it was simply exploring an advertising product similar to Facebook’s sponsored stories.

The email read:

Our community has grown by many millions of people since we wrote our original terms of service and privacy policy. As we announced in December, we have updated our terms of service and privacy policy. These policies also now take into account the feedback we received from the Instagram community. We’re emailing you to remind you that, as we announced last month, these updated policies will be in effect as of Jan. 19.

You can read our blog post that highlights some of the key updates. And remember, these updates don’t change the fact that you own your photos that you post on Instagram, and our privacy controls work just as they did before.

Readers: Did Instagram do a better job of communicating this time around?