Instagram Introduces Photo Maps (And Yes, the Name Instamap Is Taken)

By Devon Glenn 

Instagram has just released version 3.0 of its popular photo-sharing app for iPhone and Android.

According to the product description, here’s what’s new:

• Introducing Photo Maps! A fun, new way of browsing photos on a map
• New design for user profiles and many other parts of Instagram
• It’s now easier to write longer captions when sharing photos

Its main feature is a photo mapping tool that displays all your geo-tagged images for other Instagrammers to discover on the road. It’s like an artsy Google Street View.

Looking at different parts of the world through the eyes of the people who live there (or have at least visited), is an interesting idea.

There will be layers of different time periods, events, landmarks, and individual moments and places that mean everything to one person and absolutely nothing to another.

The same story could unfold from multiple perspectives, the style and mood changing with each light filter.

We’d call it Instamap, but there’s already another app by that name. A third-party developer built it with the Instagram API in 2011 and sold it on  iTunes for $1.99.

There’s another Instamap app from a different developer on Google Play that’s free.

Instagram has them beat – its own Photo Maps are built right in, and they’re free.