Infographic: Who Is Using Google+?

By Devon Glenn 

Google recently announced that its social network, Google+, now has more than 500 million members. Google+ is rapidly becoming a solid alternative to Facebook while stripping the anonymity from sites like YouTube and putting a face to a name on services like Gmail. But who are these users, anyway?

We used our Google+ analytics tool, GPlusData, to take a look at the top demographics on Google+, such as age, relationship status, and location; in order to discover the top people in each.

GPlusData indexes more than 100 million people and 1.5 million pages on Google+, which is a larger sample set than you’ll find on Google’s own social statistics page.

Not surprisingly, the fledgling network is largely populated by early adopters: Californians, college students, designers, and Google employees. There are also a couple of celebrities who joined the network with a personal account before Google created brand pages.

But the trends also indicate a growing international audience — São Paulo, Brazil beat out San Francisco as the number one city. See the top groups in each category and the top users in each group in our infographic below.

Who Is Using Google+

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