INFOGRAPHIC: Shift Q4 2014 Global Facebook Advertising Insights

By David Cohen Comment

Shift, a Facebook Strategic Preferred Marketing Developer, released its Q4 2014 Global Facebook Advertising Insights report this week.

Highlights of the findings by Shift include:

  • For the second consecutive quarter, the automotive industry maintained its lead in click-through rates, at nearly 4 percent, up from almost 3 percent in the third quarter of 2014.
  • Auto also saw the lowest costs per click in the fourth quarter, but the lowest CPMs (cost per thousand impressions) went to telecommunications clients.
  • Overall, the click-through trend was positive across most verticals, showing strong year-over-year growth, while CPC increased at a slower rate over the same period.
  • Auto again had the strongest year-over-year growth with a CTR increase of more than 700 percent.