Indiegogo Capitalizes on Kickstarter’s PR Woes With Campaign Against Sexual Violence

By Cameron Scott 

crowdfunding, kickstarter, indiegogo, RAINN, violence against women, sexual violence, misogyny, sexismLast week, Kickstarter responded to criticism over its handling of a controversial “seduction guide” that seemed to advocate violence against women by apologizing and donating $25,000 to the group RAINN.

Today, RAINN launched a own crowdfunding campaign to ask Internet users to “turn outrage into action” by helping it support survivors of sexual violence — but it turned to Indiegogo to do it.

The reason? Indiegogo approached them, the organization said. RAINN has seen a massive outpouring of support and outrage at the offensive Kickstarter campaign, which it hopes to leverage.

RAINN’s fundraising couldn’t have used the Kickstarter platform, which supports only creative projects — and it appears, a book, however low-brow, counts.¬†Indiegogo is an open platform. The “flexible funding” option that¬†Indiegogo offers also means that even if RAINN doesn’t reach its $15,000 fundraising goal, it can still keep most of the funds donated. (Check out SocialTimes’s breakdown of the terms offered by various crowdfunding platforms.)

Its a clever way to capitalize on Kickstarter’s woes by pointing out that the platform’s strict rules allow for some unsavory and not especially creative projects, while excluding nonprofits.

RAINN’s campaign has raised $1,974 in donations.