@HungryBirds Will Tweet for Lard

By Phi Tran 

There’s a serious deficiency of real birds on Twitter:  a lot of Tweets without any feathers. That’s why I am promoting the handle @hungrybirds: Tweets generated by real birds feasting on real lard keyboards. Their Latvian human, Valdemars Dudums, prepares the fatty feast each fall by outfitting a keyboard with pork fat. He also shares live video broadcasts of their typing, available at BirdsOnTwitter (currently full of ads until they are back online).

They’re tot quite as cute as Tweety Bird, but if the tomtits (Petroica macrocephala) @hungrybirds find a lard-munching, keyboard-typing twitter cat, we’ve got ourselves an unstoppable Twitter powerhouse. Haters may wonder why Valdemars bother tweeting incomprehensible texts: “Yes, one may say it is quite silly, but if you look what people are sometimes writing on Twitter, then I think tomtits’ messages are still ok.”


I couldn’t agree more! The tomtits have over 18,000 followers so I’m not alone. During the November presidential election, @hungrybirds also used lard to correctly predict the winner! Evidently Obama lard won over Romney lard. “Lard Knows” tweeted the Hungry birds.

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