WARNING: ‘Huge Snake Eating A Man Alive’ Video Scam Returns To Facebook

By David Cohen 

HugeSnakeEatsManAlive650Those sneaky snakes are at it again, and we’re not talking about the reptiles, but about the Facebook scammers who reached into their arsenals for an old weapon.

Jovi Umawing of Malwarebytes reported in a blog post that the snake has reared its ugly head on Facebook again, in the form of posts that promise access to a video of a huge snake eating a man alive.

As is often the case with Facebook scams, Umawing cautioned users to mind their URLs, as clicking on the play button in the post will take victims to a page that looks virtually identical to a Facebook page, but actually falls under the frvideoss.com domain.

Users are then prompted to share the post before they can view the video, and then to answer a survey, Umawing warned, adding that users who try to bail at this point are taken to pages with offers to entice them to stay.

Naturally, while all of this is happening, users’ Facebook accounts (and Twitter accounts, if they are linked) repeatedly share the malware link.

Umawing wrote:

If you see video clips being shared around in your Facebook News Feed that promote sensational headlines, never click, like, or reshare them. Online social networks are prone to scams and other Web threats, like phishing and malware. As such, what we see in those sites, good news or bad, must be taken with a grain of salt. Best to just steer clear, warn others, and inform affected account owners that they have been scammed.

Readers: Has the man-eating snake slithered its way onto your News Feeds?


Screenshots courtesy of Malwarebytes.