Instagram Campaign Points the Way to Santa Fe

By David Cohen 

HowToSantaFe650The city of Santa Fe, N.M., teamed up with 12FPS, a creative agency based in Santa Fe and San Francisco, on Instagram campaign #HowToSantaFe, and the awareness campaign proved to be a success.

The campaign included in-kind donations from local businesses, public meet-ups with renowned Instagram photographers and workshops to provide Instagram tips and expertise to local small and midsized businesses and tourism industry professionals. 12FPS shared the following results from the campaign:

  • 4.9 million people reached.
  • 52.3 million impressions.
  • $261,000 value in marketing return on investment for the city of Santa Fe.
  • $55,000 in-kind donations from local businesses.
  • $50,000 new paid work opportunities over one year.
  • 10,719 posts to #HowToSantaFe on Instagram alone.
  • 10 local businesses have launched Instagram campaigns.
  • 94 percent of locals surveyed feel that promoting Santa Fe through social media is important.
  • 58 percent feel that social media is the most effective way to reach people.
  • Users in 30 states across the U.S. and 12 countries are using #HowToSantaFe.

Santa Fe Mayor Javier Gonzales said in a release introducing the #HowToSantaFe campaign:

We set out to reach a younger audience on a national and international scale and promote Santa Fe in a way that complemented our reputation for the arts. This campaign did it in a way that had never been tried before while giving local businesses and professionals exposure, knowledge and job opportunities. #HowToSantaFe met and exceeded every expectation.

Kate Noble, from the City of Santa Fe Economic Development Division, added:

We wanted to help local businesses develop social media strategies and engage the community in celebrating Santa Fe. This project was a valuable partnership with local media companies, and it generated local jobs, helped local business and updated our national and international image. It was a win all around for economic development and tourism.

And 12FPS director Adam Shaening-Pokrasso said:

12FPS and Santa Fe are joining the small but powerful ranks of other creative agencies and destinations focused on a whole new way of marketing themselves. The photo-centric nature of Instagram is a natural platform for exposing people to the beauty of this place. We have people saying they’re planning trips or even moving to Santa Fe based on images and stories shared through #HowToSantaFe.

Image courtesy of Kael Rebick, @punkodelish.