Facebook To Users: How Well Do You Know Your Friends?

By David Cohen 

How well do you really know your friends? Facebook wants to know, so it can serve up the best content in your News Feed.

A reader of sister blog Inside Facebook shared the screenshot at the right, which appeared in Facebook’s sidebar and asked the question, “How well do you know (friend’s name)?,” and offered the following options:

  • One of my best friends.
  • I know him well.
  • We sometimes meet.
  • An acquaintance.
  • I don’t know him.

At the bottom of the module, Facebook wrote:

Your response is private, and will help us show you more interesting updates.

Facebook rolled out smart lists in September 2011, which included the ability for users to divide their friends into close friends or acquaintances, and the social network continued to push usage of the feature throughout 2012, highlighted by these examples from May and June of that year.

Readers: Do you think this sidebar module asking users how well they know their friends is a response to smart lists not really catching on with users?

Screenshot courtesy of Inside Facebook.