How To: (Possibly) Restore Your Contacts After The Switch To Email Addresses

By David Cohen 

Still having issues with lost contacts following Facebook’s recent controversial move to make email addresses the default emails for its users. Lifehacker may be able to help.

The Gawker-owned blog posted a guide on potential ways for Facebook users to restore their contact information. Unfortunately, it only applies to those users who sync their contacts with Google. Here’s the lowdown from Lifehacker:

Before you do anything else, go to your phone and turn off Facebook syncing for your contact list. On Android, this is in the Facebook application under settings, sync contacts. Just set it to “don’t sync.” On the iPhone, go to the Facebook app, click the menu button, scroll down to “friends,” and then hit the share button in the upper-right-hand corner. Tap “sync contacts” and turn syncing off. Note that depending on your platform, you may have a “remove Facebook data” button on the contact syncing screen — tapping this will also turn off syncing.

Go to your Gmail inbox and click on the “Gmail” label under the Google logo. Go to contacts. Remember, this trick only works if you were syncing your phone with your Google contacts.

Click the “more” button and go to “restore contacts.” We don’t know exactly when the Facebook change happened, but you’ll probably want to set it to restore your contacts from a day before June 22, 2012, so set it to whatever you need to go back that far.

Click the restore button. When it finishes, you should hopefully find that all of your contacts’ correct email addresses have been restored. As long as you don’t sync with Facebook again, they should stay that way.

Lifehacker added that users who don’t sync their contacts with Google should see if their desktop address books offer any similar alternatives, such as Time Machine for Macintosh users.

And if all else fails, Lifehacker concluded:

If you can’t restore your address book — or if you still want to be able to sync your Facebook — the only thing you can do is get all of your friends to change their Facebook profiles back to the way they were. That way, Facebook will sync their correct email addresses back to your phone.

Readers: Are you still having issues after Facebook’s email switch?

Image courtesy of Shutterstock.