HOW TO: Cut Through Facebook’s News Feed Algorithm And Create A List

By Justin Lafferty 

Users who want to see all updates from friends can be at the mercy of Facebook’s News Feed algorithm with the default setting, but there is a way to get around this through lists. Users can create lists of their friends (useful if they want to see what specific groups of friends are posting, such as co-workers or college buddies), then click to see their posts in reverse chronological order. Here’s how.

Users will find that some lists are automatically curated, based on workplace, city, and college networks. But if users want to create lists based on their criteria, here’s how to do it.

On the redesigned News Feed, users can click on their filtering options, go down to the bottom, and click edit.

After clicking Edit, users will be able to create lists. Simply name the list, then type in the names of Facebook friends to add to the list.

On the old News Feed, users can scroll down on the left hand sidebar to friends, and then mouse over the friends text, revealing the more link. That will get them to the above screen.

So what happens after users have already created lists, but want to add friends to them? This can be done through News Feed or Timeline. On either version of News Feed, mouse over a friend’s name or profile image. Then mouse over the friends button to see more options. Users can then add users to lists.

From Timeline, it’s a similar process. Mouse over the Friends button to access this menu.

Once lists are set up, users can access them to see those friends’ posts in reverse chronological order, without the influence of Facebook’s algorithm.

Teaser image courtesy of Shutterstock.