How to Create and Share Infographics for Free

By Devon Glenn 

They’re colorful, they’re informative, and they fit snugly into your WordPress blog without any help from you. We’re talking about infographics. Here’s where to go to design them for free and then share them with the world.

1. Where to Make an Infographic

If you don’t have the software or the skills to design the infographic from scratch, try a freemium service likeĀ Piktochart. This presentation app is best for organizing simple ideas into a compelling design. Features include:

  • Free templates with choice of color palette
  • Upload your own pictures and enter your own numbers and text
  • Graphics are fairly flexible if you want to add, move, resize, or delete them
  • Social media logos to drag and drop onto the chart

Tip: You’re going to want to work with a limited data set, as the space fills up quickly.

Case in point: to test it out, I made a chart out of an old numbered list, “8 Beers that Describe the Most Popular Social Networks.” I had to narrow it down to four beers and cut out a lot of the text.

Be sure to credit your sources with a name and a URL. This usually happens at the bottom of the chart.



2. Where to Share an Infographic

The first thing people will want to do with your infographic is share it with their friends. Make this easier on them by uploading it to image-friendly sites like Pinterest andĀ Both of these networks are great places to start, as they will showcase your work beautifully and connect to Facebook and Twitter. They will also let other users embed the images on their own blogs.

Both of these sites will give you an opportunity to send traffic back to your website, so put it on your own blog first and copy the URL. On Pinterest, drop the URL into the “add a pin” button and choose the infographic as your image. On, add the URL in the credits under “published by” or “designed by.”