HMV Social Media Manager Live-Tweeted Layoffs

By Cameron Scott 

social media, social networks, facebook, twitter, pinterestAs dozens of employees were being laid off from the troubled British entertainment company HMV yesterday, one, the social media manager, live-tweeted the layoffs.

“There are over 60 of us who are being fired at once! Mass execution, of loyal employees who love the brand,” she tweeted, using the hashtag #hmvXFactorFiring.

She added: “Just overhead the Marketing Director … ask, ‘How do I shut down Twitter?'”

Poppy Rose took responsibility for the account today through her own Twitter account.

“I would apologise for the #hmvXFactorFiring tweets but I felt like someone had to speak,” she said.

She said the management had failed to take social media seriously.

“I hoped that today’s actions would finally show them the true power and importance of Social Media, and I hope they’re finally listening,” she said.

As soon as she was asked to relinquish her administrative accounts, Rose said, she complied.

The events highlight fundamental mistakes that companies still make in the digital sphere. While it is common practice to take an employees’ keys as soon as s/he is let go, companies are still learning that social media administrator accounts are equally important.

The tweets about the firings have since been removed.



via Forbes