Happysale Allows Sellers to Share Items’ Stories with Their Facebook Friends

By David Cohen 

HappysaleHedgehog650A unique take on selling products via Facebook was introduced by Tel Aviv, Israel-based Happysale, which announced that its applications for iOS and Android — which allow users to share the stories behind the items they are selling — are now out of beta.

Happysale enables users to allow their Facebook friends to spread the word about items they are selling, and potential buyers can view those stories and locations and bid on those items without ever leaving the social network. The four-step process, as described by Happysale, is:

  1. Snap it: Take a picture of the item you would like to sell.
  2. Name it: Give it a name.
  3. Price it: Put a price on it.
  4. Tag it: Tell its story and tag it.


Happysale Founder and CEO Doron Nir said in a release announcing the apps’ emergence from beta:

When we created Happysale, we focused most of our energy on the user experience. We believe that selling items shouldn’t be a burden or something that people keep postponing. We believe it should be fun. A huge part of that is how quickly and simply users can list items for sale on our platform. Happysale’s laid-back and casual user experience has led to some unique and even strange listings with incredible stories behind them.

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HappySale – Your Friendly Marketplace from HappySale on Vimeo.