GroupVox Offers Voice Messaging To Facebook Groups And Events

By Justin Lafferty 

Facebook is integrating voice messaging more and more on its mobile applications. After offering it on both Android and iOS versions of its Messenger app, the social network installed it on the newest update of the Android native app. However, it’s only available for private messages. A new app, GroupVox, brings voice messaging to Facebook groups and events.

Through GroupVox, now available for Android and Apple devices, Facebook users can leave voice messages in groups and event pages. All messages are stored on the group or event page’s timeline and can be replayed anytime. It’s described as a simple walkie-talkie device for these underserved corners of Facebook.

GroupVox Spokesman Igor Zavalishin wrote about the new service in an email to AllFacebook:

We’re trying to change this with the GroupVox app, which brings live voice messaging to existing Facebook groups and events. It feels natural to send voice notes to communities you’re a part of, right from any iOS device, Android, or using the built-in Web-based player on Facebook … In other words, GroupVox is the only tool that allows members of different communities to talk with each other in a simple and easy way, without being focused entirely on the conversation (like with phone or VoIP [voice over Internet protocol] calls) and without the need of permanent interaction with the device (like with text messages).

Readers: Would you be interested in using voice messaging in Facebook event pages and groups?

Click here for the Android version.

Click here for the iOS version.

Images courtesy of GroupVox.