Google Adds Features To Translate App

By Karen Fratti Comment


Google announced some pretty fancy updates to its Translate app today. While you could use real-time conversation mode with Android phones since last year, now it’s even better and will be rolling out for iOS in the next few days, too. The update means that you can just tap the mic and the app will sense what language you’re having a conversation in. This way you don’t have to waste time scrolling and selecting one.

Another update is more useful for travel than anything else. Instead of having to snap a photo of text to translate in the app, now you can just hold up you phone and the street sign or menu item you need to know about will be overlayed into the app for quick translation.

Of course, it will be buggy. I still play around with it to laugh at how it translates some Italian phrases or detect my friend’s Puerto Rican slang, but maybe that’s asking too much. Some things are too nuanced, even for Google.

Image courtesy of Ken Wolter /