Gnip to Add Social Data From Instagram, Bitly and Reddit to Its Reports

By Cameron Scott 

gnip, Enterprise Data Collector, instagram, tumblr, bitly, social apis, social media, social networks, redditGnip, which licenses so-called firehose data from Twitter, Tumblr, WordPress and Disqus to report to brands how they are being discussed on social media, will add data from several other major social networks to its reports, the company said today.

The company will now also hold a glass to the wall at Instagram, Reddit, Bitly and Panaramio.

Gnip will suck up data from public posts on those services using their APIs and fold the data into the subscription reports it provides.

“Our customers care about every public conversation that happens online,” Gnip said.

The service will allow brand marketers to monitor Instagram posts by keyword or by geolocation. Brands will also be able to track links being shared about them using Bitly and on Reddit.

Gnip is adding Reddit’s API because the social news site is sometimes where negative stories about brands first emerge. Reddit’s 50 million active members don’t just share links; they sometimes share first-hand stories.

Instagram, a more obvious choice given the photo-sharing site’s enormous popularity, also offers marketers a precious, and controversial, gem: Location information.

“We have consistently found that our customers are eager for more social data with geotagged content,” Gnip said.

Between 15 and 25 percent of Instagram users geotag their photos, Gnip said. Gnip will also hook up to a lesser-known photo-sharing service, Panoramio, where geolocation data is more abundant. The service plots photos on a Google map based on where they were taken.

Brands already use Gnip to survey 100 billion social interactions a month. The APIs added today will deliver many more. Every second, users upload on average 463 photos to Instagram, like 8,500 images and comment on 1,000. They shorten 925 links per second using Bitly, according to Gnip.

Gnip will also deliver reports on activity on Stack Overflow, a software Q-and-A site, and Plurk, an Asian Twitter competitor.