Get Famous On Facebook Through Talenthouse

By Jorge Cino Comment

A Palo Alto start-up has found a creative way to give talented people life-changing opportunities to collaborative with big artists and big brands through a Facebook voting platform.

The whole idea is part “Project Runway,” part “America’s Got Talent.” From designing a t-shirt with Dolce & Gabanna to have it worn and photographed by Kylie Minogue, to updating the logo of a heavy metal band, Talenthouse uses massive voting on Facebook to choose a winner among hundreds of regular unknown artists. Besides the cash prize, the winning artist gets to collaborate with the real star.

While the monetary compensation might not be stellar right now — a current competition offers $1,500 to whoever designs the best 40th anniversary t-shirt for legendary rock band Queen — it’s the opportunity to attain global recognition for one’s design or idea that might provide initiating or struggling artists with a phenomenal opportunity.

In the case of that Queen contest, not only will the t-shirt will be sold on Queen’s website, but the winner’s design will also get global exposure through Queen’s Facebook page. In addition, the design is being handpicked by guitarist Brian May and drummer Roger Taylor.

Facebook is ingrained into the entire voting system while the creative competitions take place: Anyone can vote using their Facebook account, whether on, an artist’s webpage, or even within Facebook fan pages.

Your vote subsequently shows up on your news feed, spreading awareness of the competition (and the brand) among friends and acquaintances.

This is how a Kylie Minoguecontest showed up on a voter’s news feed:

It’s easy to see how the power of Facebook can really make these competitions spread like wildfire through one’s social circles.

You can head over to Talenthouse’s Facebook page to find out about some other artistic opportunities happening right now.

Talenthouse has found a clever way to leverage the power of social media to provide regular artists with unlikely opportunities to collaborate with big names in the mainstream artistic community.

Readers, have you voted for anything on Facebook?