When George Takei Speaks, Facebook Listens

By David Cohen 

Facebook would have to employ a customer-support staff of massive proportions to deal with every one of its users who had a complaint, but when the user has more than 2 million likes, that user will likely receive some quick attention. And that’s exactly what happened to actor and former “Star Trek” crew member George Takei.

When Takei learned of Facebook’s move to allow page owners to pay to target more users via the social network’s promoted posts option, he posted on his wall, as reported by Mashable:

FB used to allow fans to elect to see ALL posts by selecting ‘All Updates’ from the right hand corner of a post.“For community pages such as this, though, FB recently decided that only certain fans will see certain posts, and it plans to ask me to pay for more fan views.

I understand that FB has to make money, especially now that it is public, but in my view this development turns the notion of ‘fans’ on its head. So I encourage all friends and fans to visit my page regularly to make sure they share in all the fun.

A Facebook employee contacted him soon thereafter, and Takei shared that employee’s response on his Facebook page:

To the esteemed Mr. George Takei, I saw your post earlier (at the top of my feed, in fact) on supposed changes to the way your posts were delivered to fans. I work at FB and even work on the product you describe, and I wanted to drop a note to say that we’ve changed NOTHING about the way page posts are delivered to fans. I still see your posts in my feed all the time (keep ’em coming :). The main point of confusion we’ve seen is that pages don’t realize that their posts were never reaching 100% of fans. If you go to your page insights, you’ll see this has always been the case.

And it makes sense if you stop and think about it: there is just no way to see all of the stuff happening on FB in your feed. Personally, I have over 700 friends and have probably fanned 1000s of pages, there is no way I can see all of their posts in my feed everyday. Fortunately, FB does a pretty good job ranking content based on the people and pages I interact with the most. So naturally, George Takei and Taco Bell are usually at the top of my feed :)

All Promoted Page Posts does is offer an easy way for page admins to pay to promote a post using FB ads using functionality that already existed. A lot of businesses use posts to promote sales, concerts, etc and its an easy way to get more distribution and we’ve gotten a lot of positive feedback from pages about the product.

We actually did a webinar last week explaining a bunch of this so if you can bear to watch (unfortunately i don’t have your camera presence), check it out here: http://livestre.am/3XeS0

Readers: Wouldn’t you love to have the clout of George Takei?