More Details On Games Module In Facebook Timeline

By David Cohen 

Facebook offered more details on the games section being added to Timeline, which Product Manager for Growth and Revenue George Lee discussed at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco earlier this week.

Lee said at GDC Tuesday that the social network will add a games module to profiles showing games that users have played, games they want to play, and game pages they’ve liked. In a post on the Facebook developer blog, the social network elaborated:

Following the updates to Timeline that we previously announced, we’re beginning to roll out a games section on Timeline and the about page. This new section will appear for people who have played one or more social games in the past 30 days or have previously liked a game. No code changes are required by developers for their games to appear.

People can edit how this section appears, and content is displayed based on a person’s privacy settings. For example, if a person plays Game of Thrones Ascent and sets the application privacy for “close friends,” only those people will be able to see that game listed in the games section.

As a reminder, games that use Open Graph can also set up a stand-alone app section by configuring collections and encouraging players to add it to their Timelines.

Readers: Do you think the games module is a good addition to Timeline?