Friday Morning Laughs: The ‘How Animals Eat Their Food’ Parody Edition

By Devon Glenn 

Happy Friday, everyone! Two weeks ago, a little video called “How Animals Eat Their Food” was so educational that some viewers decided to practice their animal table manners at home.

Using little more than a folding table and a pair of sippy cups, the two actors who starred in MisterEpicMann‘s original video have racked up more than 50 million views (as of the time of this post) with their impressions of different animals trying to eat a plate of lettuce.

Some of the parodies they inspired were much more elaborate than this, but they all build on the theme of out-of-the-box eating and other wild behavior. Here are a few of our favorites.

“BLOOPERS: How Animals Eat Their Food,” by MisterEpicMann2

Published on Apr 15, 2013
1,787,207 views, 19,481 likes, 261 dislikes

So that no one doubts the genius of the original video, this collection of outtakes shows how hard it is to moo and chew lettuce at the same time.

“How Animals Eat Their Food,” by arthebird

Published on Apr 11, 2013
1,509,395 views, 5,480 likes, 8,924 dislikes

The most-watched animal parody is also the most-disliked. (Tip: The intro may be a little rough, but it’s worth sitting through to just to watch these guys try to eat their food with crab claws made of cardboard.)

“How Animals Eat Their Food (POKEMON VERSION),” by dominictv

Published on Apr 17, 2013
466,972 views, 7,291 likes, 981 dislikes

Pokémon fans love this anime-inspired parody featuring characters from the cartoon as interpreted by humans. Watch Alakazam use his telekinetic powers to eat his food and more.

How Humans Eat Their Food, by Derick Watts & The Sunday Blues

Published on Apr 16, 2013
1,271,305 views, 29,950 likes, 1,402 dislikes

The animals fight back with this animated parody that uses racial stereotypes to turn the dinner table on humans and say, “hey, maybe that’s not how we animals eat our food!” Adorably edgy.

“How Animals Eat Their Food [Minecraft],” by ryguyrocky

Published on Apr 13, 2013
79,303 views, 303 likes, 554 dislikes

If animals were playing Minecraft while they ate their food, it would look something like this video. Spoiler alert: some animals’ meals may also be their last!

“How Baby Animals Eat Their Food,” by Drew Custer

Published on Apr 12, 2013
30,540 views, 244 likes, 52 dislikes

The pint-sized version of the original stars two adorable kids who are too little to crush the table in the whale scene. Aw.

“How Animals Pick Up a Girl – Original,” by 2oldmenandablonde

Published on Apr 22, 2013
3,362 views, 48 likes, 6 dislikes

Not many people have seen this video yet, but it’s worth a look for its hilariously creepy (and unsuccessful) attempts by several “animals” to woo a girl with pencils in her hair and nerd glasses.