Foursquare Releases App for Windows 8, Reports User Growth

By Cameron Scott 

social networks, social apps, local search, location, foursquare, yelp, google, facebookFoursquare today released an app for Windows 8, optimized for the Nokia Lumia phone and Microsoft’s Metro interface.

“We’ve been working closely with Nokia and Microsoft, and today, we’re finally taking the covers off a brand new version of Foursquare for Windows Phone 8, specially optimized for Nokia’s shiny new Lumia phones,” Foursquare said.

The release pitched the app exclusively as a local search app. Foursquare has been endeavoring to become a local search application, rather than a location-based social network.

“Explore like a local!,” the Windows 8 app description crows.

“Don’t waste time reading long reviews from strangers. Wherever you are in the world, open up Foursquare to see where your friends like to go,” it reads, taking a swipe at competitor Yelp.

But its local search features also rely on user check-ins, and the company’s tally of those remains static at 3.5 billion. However, Foursquare’s registered users grew to 33 million after a long stint at 30 million.