Foursquare Relaunches ‘Add to Foursquare’ as ‘Save to Foursquare’

By Kenna McHugh 

Foursquare attempted to launch an “Add to Foursquare” button for web publishers that enabled users to save venues on their foursquare to-do list. But, the feature did not last because the publishers had a difficult time embedding the button. So, foursquare shelved the service after a few months. The location-based platform is readying itself for the release of “Add to foursquare” button under a new name – Save to foursquare — this November.

Users will find the button similar to the first one. Only publishers will find the implementation of the button a lot easier than before. All publishers have to do is add one line of code to their content management system to digitize the process.

“From a publisher’s perspective, it’s a no brainer,” Even Cohen, general manager of foursquare told Ryan Kin of Gigaom at the Street Fight Summit in New York. “You can take the content on the web and put into a user’s pocket.”

Kin also reports, “Cohen believes thousands will sign-up now. He said it will help publishers extend their relationships with online users into the real world. And it will make a lot of the content online less fleeting by helping people save it and act upon it later.”

With this month’s launch of Radar, the “Save to foursquare” button has taken on a new significance, according to Aboutfoursquare. The users click the button and add a venue to their to-do lists, and then it becomes a way to reach them when they’re nearby the venue. The Radar feature automatically tells users that they are nearing a venue on their to-do list.