Former Apple Employee Raises $1 Million, Makes News Clips Sharable on Pinterest

By Devon Glenn 

MAZ Digital Inc., a digital publishing platform for tablet and mobile devices, today announced a $1 million funding round led by Expansion Venture Capital. The company plans to expand its team, build new products and increase sales and marketing efforts.

“We have been an almost entirely bootstrapped startup since our launch over two years ago,” Explained MAZ CEO Paul Canetti in a statement. The former Apple employee co-founded MAZ in 2010 with CIO Simon Baumer and CTO Shikha Arora, who left Adobe for the startup.

In that time, the team has come up with something that other publishing apps have missed: the ability to clip individual articles, or parts of articles, from a digital magazine and share them on social networks.

The app works with Facebook, Twitter, and email accounts, and is especially good for Pinterest, where the image-based layout lends itself well to snippets from glossy magazines.

“Pinterest has yet to release an official iOS SDK, which would allow developers like us to easily plug into their system,” explained Canetti at the time of the launch. “We understand the huge benefit for iPad readers to pin things from the pages of a magazine directly to Pinterest, so instead of waiting for something official to be released, we went ahead and figured a way to integrate with Pinterest ourselves. MAZ believes that digital reading should be a social experience, and we are proud to be the first and only platform to provide that to our publishers and users in a meaningful way.”

Added Canetti, “I’m proud of our accomplishments up to this point in terms of our product, team, sales, and infrastructure, both here in the US and in India – all of which we’ve done without any institutional funding. Now that we have secured this seed capital, we have the resources to expand the company and take MAZ to the next level.”

Other participants in the funding round included MI Ventures, T5 Capital, and Amer Rehman of YFT Ventures, and other investors who focus on early stage innovative technology companies.