Facebook Offers More Details On New Pages Layout

By David Cohen 

NewPagesDesktopLayout650With the new layout for Facebook pages on desktop in the process of being rolled out, the social network sought to answer the most common questions from page administrators with a post on the Facebook for Business page.

The post, featuring the top five questions about the new layout for pages, reads:

Since announcing the updates to pages, we’ve received lots of questions from people wondering how these changes — like the updated Timeline design, easier access to admin tools, and the introduction of pages to watch –will impact them. Here are answers to the questions we heard most frequently.

  • What information will appear in the left-side column of my page? It will vary from business to business. If you’re a business with a brick-and-mortar location, the left-side column will show a map, phone number, hours of business, likes, and visits, information about your business, applications (if relevant), photos, videos, reviews, posts to your page, and the pages your page likes. For businesses that operate primarily online, the left-side column will show: likes, information about your business, apps (if relevant), photos, videos, posts to page, and the pages your page likes. Admins will also soon be able to rearrange the order in which these sections appear in the left-side column.
  • Where will my apps appear? Apps can appear in two locations: in the left-side column, or in the top navigation menu. Similar to the sections listed above, admins will soon have the ability to rearrange the order in which apps appear.


  • Where can I view messages? Pages that have activated messages can view them in two locations: the activity tab at the top of the page, above the cover photo; or in the “This Week” box that runs along the right side of the page.


  • Will other pages know I’ve added them to my pages to watch list? Admins receive a notification whenever their page is added to another page’s watch list. The notification indicates that their page has been added to a list, but does not disclose the name of the page that added them.
  • When will I have access to the updated design for pages? So far, the updated pages design has rolled out to a small number of pages. We’ll continue the rollout over the next several weeks.

Readers: Did Facebook leave anything out?