Can You Limit Who Comments On Your Public Facebook Posts?

By David Cohen 

CommentFilterNotification650Facebook has begun allowing users to set limits on who can comment on their public posts.

Sreedev Sharma of Sociobits discovered the feature this past weekend, noting that he saw a popup (pictured above) next to his status update box, which read:

Did you know that public posts can be seen and liked by anyone, not just people you know? Now there’s a filter that limits who can comment on your public posts.

According to Sharma, clicking the “learn more” button takes users to this page on Facebook’s Help Center, which explains how to adjust who can see and comment on their public posts.

Sharma added that the followers option on the left-hand side is now referred to as “public posts,” and users can adjust their comment filters via the sub-menu.


When users select “filter on,” they are notified who can comments on their posts, and those who are not followers or friends will not have access to active comment buttons.


Readers: Have you seen anything similar?