FenixApps Launches Free Mobile Version Of Social Comments Facebook Contest-Creation App

By David Cohen 

Nearly one year ago, FenixApps introduced its Social Comments application for Facebook pages, enabling page administrators to comply with the social network’s guidelines on contests. This week, FenixApps rolled out a free mobile version of Social Comments.

Social Comments was originally developed to aid page admins in ensuring that their contests did not violate Facebook’s rules, which prohibit the use of features such as likes and shares in contests, and require pages to use third-party apps to create their contests.

FenixApps said Social Comments works by encouraging Facebook users to enter contests by commenting on particular topics or questions and inviting friends to vote on their comments, adding that more than 1,000 pages have run contests using the app.

There is also a premium version of the app, which enables page admins to collect the email addresses of contest entrants, for a nominal fee.

FenixApps added:

Social Comments users had many interesting tasks to do. They wrote Santa Claus letters, described how to use different kitchen appliances, and even told us why Vigor vodka was their favorite drink. The Social Comments app was installed on Facebook pages such as Renault, Pepsi, Microsoft, and Tele2.

Page admins: Which third-party apps do you use to create contests for your pages?