Know Your Facebook Fans: Fan Appz Social Database

By David Cohen Comment

A telling sign of how Facebook has superseded all other forms of customer relationship management is the Social Database.

Fan Appz has a new product by that name, and the company’s Chief Executive Officer Jon Siegal told us all about it.

He described the idea behind Social Database as:

From a marketer’s perspective, building the audience and engaging them isn’t sufficient, so today, we’re announcing the critical piece of the puzzle.

Let’s take this audience and learn more about who these people are, what are their preferences, what are they interested in. And then let’s use that knowledge to create a better customer experience.

The idea behind Social Database is to help brand clients remember information shared by their fans and followers, and, at the end of the day, to do more business with these people.

Social Database allows marketers to more effectively use customer data they have collected via traditional opt-in interactions to individually target those consumers with products or services they have already expressed interest in.

Siegal added:

The idea behind Social Database is not to track people or follow people, but to focus on what they’re sharing back with the brand, such as products they like and preferences. Everything we do is opt-in with the purpose of providing a greater user experience.

The glow of fans, likes, and people responding to your posts only lasts so long. We’re helping our brand clients to take that next step — to convert these fans’ and followers’ interaction and sharing into greater business value through Social Database.

Siegal offered an example of how a brand can use Social Database: one of Fan Appz’ retail clients ran a series of polls that allowed its fans to vote on their favorite new apparel offerings; the retailer used those poll results to incorporate top-scoring products into store signage; and after tying responses to unique customer records, the client company personalized email subject lines and content to reflect respondents’ preferences.

Fan Appz is “always looking at what Facebook is doing” in terms of new features, Siegel said, referring to timeline and open graph actions. He added:

We always want to implement features that make clients more successful. Facebook is a great place to build an audience and help an audience understand more about your business, products, and services. The dynamic nature of this business is not going to slow down. If anything, I think it’s going to accelerate. Facebook and Twitter are constantly changing their underlying platforms, as well.

In addition to today’s announcement about the release of Social Database, Fan Appz also detailed the following upgrades to its suite of social media marketing applications:

  • New publisher apps;
  • New customizable designs;
  • New ways to share via social media and email;
  • A new sweepstakes engine;
  • A new refer-a-friend feature;
  • New data analytics capabilities for publishers, engagement, promotions, and white label apps; and
  • A single, secure administration panel for managing several social media pages simultaneously.