You Can Still Find Out Who Unsubscribed On Facebook — Here's How

By David Cohen Comment

The “unsubscribed” metric may have been removed when Facebook launched its new page-insights platform in November, but the information can still be unearthed with a little digging.

Steve Allard of Wise Metrics outlined a four-step solution to retrieve the data that formerly made up the unsubscribes metric.

Here are the four steps from Allard:

  • Get the Facebook ID of your page by changing www in the URL to graph. The ID will be on the first line of the text that will result from the URL change.
  • Go to the Facebook Graph Application Programming Interface Explorer.
  • Click on the button labeled “get access token” after verifying that “read_insights” is selected on the third tab.
  • Input the following into the field next to the get button:
  • Click on submit, and unsubscribes will be retrieved for periods of one day, seven days, and 28 days.

Allard also defined the data that will result from the process:

  • Hide-all: The number of users who hid all stories from your page.
  • Hide: The number of users who hid a story from your page.
  • Unlike_page: The number of users who unliked your page.
  • Report_spam: The number of users who reported one of your posts as spam.

Once you figure out who unsubscribed or hid posts, the real trick is to figure out how to win these people’s favor. What tactics might you try, readers?